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  • Florida Eyes Your GunsFlorida is looking to turn on the 2nd amendment in the legislative session coming up, according to some Florida Political insiders. The rally cry for the left is Florida's "Stand Your Ground" laws, which, they hope, will lead to more gun control measures:
  • All The Kings' Fired Men- The Purging Of Our MilitaryWith the slate of firings of top Generals and other military leaders under the Obama regime, some are wondering what's at play. Here is a fascinating theory being propounded by a 'leftist' on why Obama is letting go all of these military leaders and why he should be impeached and removed from office immediately:
  • Preparing For A Police State?Why do our local police departments need military assault vehicles to keep our streets safe? A recent executive order by President Obama to issue 13,000 Military Assault Vehicles to our police departments have some wondering what the President and his government are planning for future America:
  • The Executive King?GOP The Daily Dose takes a look at the 10 most egregious actions taken by President Obama through Executive Action. Are the actions this President takes today setting the stage for a regime of one man over the balance of power Republicanism of our nation?


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